On September 1, 1939, Poland was brutally invaded by Nazi Germans, and sixteen days later, by the Soviets. Those fatal events ripped Poland apart sending millions of its citizens into forced labor, and concentration camps. Methodic killings became common. The Polish military forces were fighting bravely together with the Allies on all fronts while the Polish Underground Army continued the struggle on the Polish territories. By the end of the World War II, after the Teheran Conference in November 1943, where Churchill and Roosevelt conceded to Stalin the Polish territories, it became painfully evident that Poland would not be a free country. In May 1944, the representatives of Polish American Community met in Buffalo, NY to create the Polish American Congress (PAC)-an organization that would represent them, and continue the struggle for free, democratic and independent Poland. With that dream now realized, the PAC continues to represent the interests of the Polish-American community by:

  • Promoting cultural, artistic, and scholarly programs that help Polish-Americans discover their roots and other Americans understand the richness of Polish culture;
  • Advancing the interests of Polish-Americans at the federal and State levels on such issues as Poland's membership in NATO and immigration legislation;
  • Opposing examples of bigotry aimed at Polish-Americans, from crude Polish jokes to distortions of Polish history to oversight of Poles;
  • Helping to provide charitable relief to Poland, during this time of profound economic change, with special attention to the needs of children, the sick and disabled, and the elderly.

    We think these goals are important. We hope that you do, too, enough to join the Polish-American congress.

Please click here, then sign if you support International Comission to investigate the Smolensk Crash.
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