The Polish Americans are a diverse group of people.  However, they all have one thing in common: Pride in their Polish descent.  Letís join forces with the Polish American Congress to support our community, its future and its heritage.  Please sign up for the membership, and become actively involved in building of strong and influential Polish American Community!

Our record is strong, but it can only be as strong as the membership that stands behind it.  We can be that much stronger with your membership today. 

Annual membership dues schedule is: $50.00 for individuals, $25.00 for students, $100.00 for organizations.

Print, fill out, sign and mail your application to:

Polish American Congress
New Jersey Division
177 Broadway
Clark, NJ 07066
Fax: (973) 473-2988

Click here to download the Membership Application.

Please click here, then sign if you support International Comission to investigate the Smolensk Crash.
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