Twenty five years an extensive, spontaneous movement in society was born in Poland. It gathered under its banners more than ten million of Polish people. This movement has become known world-wide as "Solidarity". Solidarity became more than Worker's Union; it was a national patriotic movement, having the freedom of independent homeland and the ability to ensure all Polish citizens the rights to normal living conditions as its major objectives. From very beginning this movement opposed communistic regime, as the latter struggled to retain the monopoly of power in Poland, while continuing to keep the entire country under the strong dependency of communistic Russia any way possible.

     Solidarity awakened polish society and initiated great hopes for change, as its average citizens had not the same advantages nor equalities as those in the contemporary world. Its universal societal force and determination excited the citizenry in Poland and gained the admiration of the entire world, while at the same time instilling fear of responsibility and its consequences within the camp of communistic countries. Solidarity was a movement of national Unity and it broke the existing rules imposed by the communistic regime. It was the beginning of free Poland; evolving from the workers' uprisings of October 1956 and December 1970. It must be mentioned here, that Solidarity has changed the face of our homeland and latter beame the root for decay and fall of communistic regimes thoughout Eastern Europe.                                 

     Perpetrators of the ”Military Council of National Defense” (WRON) headed by main pacificator “general” Jaruzelski, devised a plan for the destruction of Solidarity. Using an old well known scenario, they dissiminated false propaganda, and initiated terror on a wide scale. Simultaneously, police and the military equipped with tanks, were present on the streets of all polish towns; curfews were imposed; telephones disconnected; full control of means of communication and many other activities were meant to cause fear throughtout the country. Strikiers of manufacturing plants were brutally punished. Thousands of union activists were arrested by the “Secret Service” (SB). The political hierarchy expected the declarations of Union illeagality, while seizing full control of all Solidarity's structures, would lead to the absolute destruction of Solidarity.

     This imposition of martial law resulted in massive damage to the nation: both psychological and physical. The spirit and hope for rebirth of free Poland were quashed. Thousands of Jung and active Poles were forced to leave the country. Numerous opposition activists were killed. There was the massacre of the "Wujek" coal miners, and subsequently the total destruction of the national economy and civilization. The “Secret Service” (SB) imposed management over Solidarity, and this became the base for Magdalenka and “Round Table's” plot. This was a great betrayal and deception of the nation, which saved the interests of the communistic traitors from being held accountable for their criminal activities.

     The “Round Table Pact” (1989), as signed by the regime and its “specially chosen” opposition leaders paved the way for a few to usurp the national wealth and to continue suppression of the Polish People, thus making a mockery of democracy. The offspring of the “red party” have uset deception and obfuscation against the citizenry to come to the power. Today degradation and desperate status of our homeland is the consequence of that unfortunate pact. Sadly, the culprits are merrily enjoying their unearned glory.


(Excerpts taken from speech given by Wojciech Podjacki Gdansk, President of the League of Sovereignty Defense, August 31, 2005) - ,

Comment of the Interpreter: Currently the government of Premier Kaczynski is straight continuation of the original – from year 1981, Solidarity Union Ideas.  It is well known, that ideas of such continuity also led the government of former Premier Olszewski.  His government was overthrown by former President Walesa. Mr. Donald Tusk – current head of the opposition to the Premier Kaczynski, at that time belonged also to the group overthrowing Olszewski’s government.