The Pulaski Parade in the New York's Fifth's Allee.

There was a gorgeous weather for the Pulaski Parade this year. There was enormous crowd of Poles and people of Polish origin from the three-state area (from New Jersey, New York, and from Connecticut). We have seen there many distinguished guest, such as Grand Marshall of the Pulaski Parade, Assemblyman, Mr. John Wisniewski, Esq.(NJ), the representative of the Polish Parliament, Deputy Speaker of the House, Mr. Marek Kotlinowski, Mayor Bloomberg. The Consulate of the Republic of Poland in NYC was represented by Consul General, Mr. Kasprzyk and the head of PR, Consul, Mr. Tomasz Wielgomas. We saw there many groups representing Polish Schools, Polish Cultural Centers, Polish Parishes, Polish Veterans, Polish Bands, and other Polish organizations and Clubs. Young and elderly were celebrating this parade together! In fact, we have met Mrs. Regina Pilus who attended the Pulaski Parade for 67th time this year. The pictures presented below show only small part of the 2006 parade. Nevertheless, please check them, and to feel the climate of the Pulaski Parade Day be in NYC with us next year.

Pulaski Parade 2006 - Pictures #1, Fot. Zdzislaw Szlenk

Pulaski Parade 2006 - Pictures #2, Fot. Jacek Moszczynski

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